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Baby Chick/Poultry Prices  
Description Price
Araucana Pullets 3.75
Americana Pullets 3.75
Asian Blue Pullets 3.25
Austra White Pullets 4.00
Barnevelder Pullets 5.00
Barred Cochin Pullet 4.50
Barred Leghorn Pullets 3.75
Barred Plymouth Rock Pullets 3.50
Barred Rock Pullets 3.25
Black Australorp Pullets 3.50
Black Cochin Pullets 4.50
Black Copper Marans s/r Very Rare 13.50
Black Frizzle Cochins s/r 4.35
Black Giant Pullets 3.75
Black Jersey Giant Pullets 4.50
Black Laced Golden Wyandotte Pullets 4.30
Black Maran Pullets 4.80
Black Mottled d'Uccle Bantam s/r 4.35
Black Sex Link/black Star Pullets 3.50
Black Silkies bantam s/r 4.35
Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantams s/r 4.35
Black Wyandotte Pullets 4.50
Blue Ameraucanas s/r Very Rare 13.50
Blue Andalusian Pullets 4.20
Blue Australorps (very rare) s/r 4.25
Blue Cochin Pullets 4.75
Blue Copper Marans s/r very rare 13.50
Blue Double Laced Barnevelder s/r 14.00
Blue Laced  Wyandotte Pullets 4.75
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Pullets 5.00
Blue Silkies s/r 4.35
Blue Splash Marans s/r very rare 12.50
Brown Leghorn Pullets 3.60
Brown single Comb Leghorn Pullets 3.50
Buckeye Pullet 3.75
Buff Brahma Pullets 3.75
Buff Cochin Pullets 4.50
Buff Lace Polish Pullets 3.25
Buff Leghorn Pullets 4.50
Buff Orpington Pullets 3.60
Buff Rock Pullets 3.75
Buff Silkie Bantan s/r 4.35
Buttercup (Sicilian) Pullets 3.75
California Grey Pullets 3.75
California White Pullets 3.25
Cherry Egger Pullets 4.00
Cinnamon Queen Pullet 4.00
Columbian Rock Cross Pullets 3.50
Columbian Wyandotte Pullets 4.30
Cornish Cross Broilers S/R 2.25
Cuckoo Marans Pullets 3.75
Dark Brahma Pullets 3.75
Dark Rhode Island Red 4.00
Delaware Pullets 3.75
Dominique Pullets 4.30
Easter Egger Pullets 4.40
Egyptian Fayoumis Pullets 4.20
French Black Copper Maran Pullets 12.75
French Cockoo Maran Pullets 12.75
French Wheaten Maran Pullets 12.75
German Spitzhauben s/r 4.75
Gold Neck d'Uccle Bantam s/r 4.35
Gold Sex Link Pullets 3.60
Gold Star Pullets - Isa Brown 3.25
Golden Comet Pullets 3.50
Golden Laced Cochin Pullets 4.75
Golden Laced Wyandotte Pullets 3.75
Golden Polish Pullets 4.75
Lavender Orpingtons s/r (very rare) 11.95
Light Brahma Pullets 3.75
Mille Fleur Bantam s/r  4.35
Mottled Java Pullets 4.50
New Hampshire Red Pullets 3.50
Olive Egger s/r very rare 12.00
Partridge Cochin Pullets 4.75
Partridge Rock Pullets 3.75
Penedesenca s/r 3.95
Production Reds Pullets 3.35
Rainbow Pullets 3.25
Red Cochin Pullets 4.75
Red Cross Pullets 3.45
Red Frizzle Cochins s/r 4.35
Red Sexlink Pullets 4.00
Rhode Island Reds Pullets 3.50
Rhode Island White Pullets 4.00
Russian Orloff Pullet 4.50
Salmon Faverolle Pullets 4.70
Silver Lace Wyandotte Pullets 3.75
Silver Laced Cochin Pullet 4.75
Silver Laced Polish Pullets 3.25
Silver Leghorn Pullets 4.50
Silver Polish Pullets 4.75
Speckled Susex Pullets 3.75
Sultan Bantam s/r 4.35
Turken "Naked Neck" Pullets 3.25
Welsummer Pullets 3.75
White Chantecler s/r 8.25
White Cochin Pullets 4.50
White Crested Black Polish Pullets 3.50
White Faces Black Spanish Pullets 4.95
White Frizzle Cochins s/r 4.35
White Leghorns 4.00
White Orphington Pullets 3.80
White Polish Pullets (rare) 6.00
White Rock Pullets 3.40
White Silkies straight run 4.35
All Ducks s/r  
Blue Swedish s/r 5.75
Blue Runner Duck s/r 5.95
Khaki Campbell 5.75
Magpie 5.95
Geese straight run  
Gray Toulouse 12.85
White Embden 12.85
Tufted Roman 12.85
Buff Saddleback Pomeranian 13.95
Guineas - Assorted 5.25
Ringneck Pheasants 4.35
Bobwhite s/r 3.25
Turkeys straight run  
Am Standard Bronze Turkey 12.45
Broad Breasted Bronze 9.50
Chocolate Turkey 12.45
Holland White 12.45
Midget White Turkey 12.45
Narragansett 12.45
Giant White 8.75
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Kiowa Country Corner
Open from 8 am. to 6 pm Monday thru Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 4 pm
Located at 10240 Highway 86, the corner of Highway 86 and the Elbert Highway in Kiowa
For more information call Kiowa Country Corner at 303-621-2466

Elizabeth Country Corner
Permanently closed June 11, 2016.


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