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 Chicken Coops For Sale

Extreme Cape Cod Coop

Extreme Cape Cod Coop by Precision Pet, This larger version of Precision's popular Cape Cod Coop is new for this spring. The Extreme Cape Cod is rated at 3 to 5 medium size birds and comes complete with 2 hole nest box.
- Size: 74"x 32"x 48" High
- Includes: Nest Box with outside access, and Roosting Bar
- Solid Wood construction
- Asphalt Shingle Roof
- Hinged Roof Panel and Removable Pan for easy House clean-up
- Add the Extreme Cape Cod Pen (sold separately)

Precision Pet Products Extreme Cape Cod Chicken Coop with Nesting Box and Roosting Bar

Cape Cod Chicken Coop

Let your chickens feel like they're summering in the Hamptons with the Cape Cod Chicken Coop. Roomy, safe, and comfortable, this chicken coop provides two levels for up to four animals to roam around and rest. This coop is constructed from Asian fir wood and features a slanted roof. It includes a nesting box and roosting bar, and the pan is removable for easy cleaning. Two doors, one on the upper level and one on the ground level, allow animals to come and go and for cleaning purposes. With a wire mesh on the lower level, the outdoors is accessible yet your animals are protected from danger. Easy assembly - comes with instructions.


Doc Woody Diamond Deuce Chicken Hutch

  • 86”x30”x41”
  • Houses 4-6 hens w/dual roost box inside living area
  • Crafted from solid finished fir w/waterproof composite roof & hinged nest box lift lid
  • Easy clean up w/easy access door on the front side
  • Fine coated mesh wire keeps hens safe from predators, & slotted wood floor for bird comfort
  • Open bottom allows for natural grazing and scratch
  • 8” wide ramp with runners
  • Security door option for living area when cleaning & moving hutch
 Doc Woody Diamond Deuce Chicken Hutch 1


  • Roomy Interior Provides Safe and Secure Living Space for Several Chickens
  • Complete Home for Chickens Includes: 3-Bay Locking Nesting Box, Private Sleeping Space with Easy Clean Floor Pan, Roosting Bar, Ramp and Ground Level Foraging Area
  • Solid Wood Construction with Asphalt Roof for Added Protection
  • Multiple Doors Allow Easy Access to Your Pets and Eggs
  • Easily Connect Additional Pens (Sold Separately) for a Larger Living Space

DIMENSIONS: 111.2”L x 39.8”W x 41.1H”



  • Complete Home for Chickens Includes: Double Nesting Box, Private Sleeping Space with Easy Clean Floor Pan, Roosting Bar, Ramp and Ground Level Foraging Area
  • Houses up to Four Adult Chickens
  • Safe and Secure Living Space
  • Solid Wood Construction with Asphalt Shingle Roof for Added Weather Protection
  • Multiple Doors Allow Easy Access to Your Pets
  • Easy to Assemble

DIMENSIONS: 89.4L x 30.7W x 32.5”H



  • Provides a Safe and Secure Habitat for 6-8 Chickens. *Number of chickens accommodated will vary based on size and breed of chickens.
  • Complete Home for Chickens Includes: 3-Bay Locking Nesting Box, Enclosed Shelter Area, Open Air Foraging Area, 3 Roosting Bars and Storage Bin for Tools, Feed, etc.
  • Solid Wood Construction Sealed with a Weather-Resistant Coating that is also Pest and Rot Resistant
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof with Durable Liner for Added Protection during the Rainy Season
  • Multiple Doors Allow Easy Access to Your Chickens and Eggs
  • Easy to Assemble

DIMENSIONS: 77.9”L x 52.7”W x 51.5”H


WARE Chick-N-Hutch Chicken Coop

  • Spacious backyard chicken coop constructed of exterior grade plywood
  • Roof is constructed of waterproof shingles to withstand weather elements
  • Full fold-down front
  • Durable exterior design
  • "EZ" access egg door for your convenience
  • Comes complete with removable wind guards & adjustable perch
  • Assembles easily with the use of only a screw driver
 WARE Chick-N-Hutch Chicken Coop
 Ware Heavy Duty Chick-N-Rabbit Pen For Pet Rabbits Chickens & Small Animals  

Ware HD Chick-N-Rabbit Pen

Securely attaches to hutch to expand pets' living space while keeping them enclosed and safe from predators.


  • Attaches to Large Rabbit Hutch & Chick-N-Hutch
  • Assembles easily with just a screwdriver
  • Provides a "free-range" outdoor environment safe from predators
Sizing Information: 40W x 60D x 36H

Ware Premium Chick-N-Villa

The Ware Premium Chick-N-Villa provides the perfect living atmosphere for the whole flock. Finding the right house is important for your own quality of life, so take the time to find the right home for your chickens, too. This chicken hutch is constructed from quality materials such as top-grade lumber, and it's coated with a safe non-toxic stain. The shingle roof is waterproof, so it will protect your chickens from severe outdoor conditions. The Chick-N-Villa also provides easy access with its large screened front door, rear-access clean-up door, and removable wooden side panel. Not only does this make cleaning easy, but it makes handling the chickens easier as well, which makes everyone happier. Other added features include two removable roosts, lift-out floor panels, an attachable access ramp, and a convenient storage compartment. Your chickens have never had it so good. Dimensions: 69.5L x 34W x 50.25H inches.

Assembly is simple - all hardware is included and designed to assemble with only a screwdriver.
 Ware Premium Chick-N-Villa (01462)
 WARE Premium + Chick-N-House Chicken Coop  

WARE Premium + Chick-N-House Chicken Coop

  • Outdoor chicken coop features top grade lumber with tongue and groove construction
  • Roof is made with waterproof shingles to withstand the elements
  • Hinged roof, two front doors and removable side panel provide easy access to your backyard chicken coop
  • Easy to assemble with only a screwdriver
  • Compatible with the WARE Premium + Chick-N-Pen Chicken Run

 Premium Plus Chick-N-Cottage by Ware Mfg - Click Image to Close  

WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cottage Chicken Coop

  • Backyard chicken coop features cozy shelter and open air porch
  • Chicken coop kit constructed with quality lumber rust resistant galvanized wire
  • Rooftop opens for easy access to interior living space
  • Easy climb step ladder and secure locking door latches
  • Accommodates up to two chickens, depending on breed and size

WARE Premium + Chick-N-Cabin Chicken Coop

  • Charming backyard chicken coop, perfect for the backyard enthusiast
  • Chicken coop kit constructed from top grade lumber with tongue and groove construction
  • Roof is made with waterproof shingles to withstand the elements
  • Simple to assemble with all hardware included
  • Houses up to four chickens, depending on breed and size
 Ware Premium+ Chick-N-Lodge  

WARE Premium + Chick-N-Lodge Chicken Coop

  • Constructed from top grade lumber with tongue and groove construction
  • Backyard chicken coop features an attachable access ramp
  • Designed with a convenient built-in storage compartment
  • Roof is constructed with waterproof shingles to withstand the elements
  • Covered porch provides a safe & secure free range environment
  • Chicken coop kit designed for easy assembly with only a screwdriver
 Ware Chick-N-Yard

The Ware Chick-N-Yard is a pen constructed from 1in x 1in coated wire and solid plywood supports that connects to the Ware Chick-N-Barn, creating a free-range environment for backyard chickens. You can have a secure enclosure as large as you'd like with Ware's modular poultry housing systems. You and your birds will both benefit from the solid construction and attractive, non-toxic stain finish featured in the Ware product line. Let your birds enjoy the outdoors in the security of a Ware Chick-N-Yard.

 Ware Chick-N-Yard
 Ware Premium Plus Backyard Hutch  

Ware Premium Plus Backyard Hutch

If you’re on a tight budget, or want to just dip your toes in the backyard chicken market, this is the coop for you. It’s nothing fancy, but is easily put together and is very portable. Made from wood, the coop can house two chickens. As it’s lightweight (as you’d expect given the price) you may want to lay some wire underneath to keep out predators.

You can also expand it by buying additional hutches and putting them together. It’s probably not going to be a long term solution if you decide to keep more chickens, but it will always be handy in the future if you need to separate some of your flock.


Ware Premium Hen House with Yard

  • Great urban hutch for 2 to 3 chickens
  • Durable wooden construction
  • 2 removable roosts
  • Spacious free range area
  • Easy-access lift top roof
  Chicken Cabin Coop 36" x 48" by Rafter

Easy lift lid with nest box, hanger and perches. Hinged roof. Treated bottom sill. Real barn wood ready to paint or leave. Made in the USA.
 Chicken Cottage Coop 4' x 4' by Rafter

4-6 hen capacity. Attractive design. Sturdy construction. Designed for easy use. Can be moves easily. Large “clean out” rear door. Closing ramp for bird confinement. Treated bottom sill.